Happy Year of Hope! 2009

What a pleasure it is to start this New Year on new ground. It really hit me on Saturday, watching President Elect Obama ride the train to Washington, this is happening.

I thought about all the people, like me, who have placed so much hope in our new president. I believe these wishes and prayers are the energy we send into our future. So, if and when we feel today or tomorrow that our prayers have not been answered completely, remember that they will be one day in the future.

Martin Luther King had a wish for our world – a dream. Today, the 44th President will take one more step on that road. I am honored to be one to witness this historic move down the path towards the new future we wish to create together.

As we walk into the New Year, I will keep close to my heart the President’s thoughts and beliefs about reaching across the isle to better understand one another. That is my new year resolution for 2009.

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