(dis) illusions

I was asked to join a group of women bloggers on Offeringspublications.com to develop dialog about the vision of the New World, this world that we will create together as a country (world) beginning Jan. 20, 2009. I believe this New World will be unlike anything before. I feel sure of this statement about the New World quite simply because of the election of Barak Obama, yet, my confidence is punctuated by the countless number of people who gave of their time, resources and trust to ensure a new era began now.

I was recently speaking with a friend, who shared with me some concerns about this New World. Kindly, but speaking sternly. as if to bring me back to “reality,” I was told to be cautious and keep my feet on the ground. I felt myself think, ‘oh yes, I have been trying as I get older to be more ‘realistic,’ what am I thinking? I should be more grounded.

Yet quickly, I began wondering, what ground? The ground has shifted ever more since the election. What ground I wondered? The ground that was under my feet before no longer lies below. I found myself growing ever more frustrated, why must I follow this old reality? What automatic right exists that means Old World vision will always ‘reason’ over any New World vision. I particularly ask myself that in light of the (dis)illusions that I feel in the Old World as I watch structures crumbling from an unstable foundation.

I know we are all supposed to be very careful when we speak of change, particularly in the last eight years, lest a more revolutionary term be attached to one’s words. Yet, I have begun to question why the Old World vision must trump and always edge out the New Vision, often seen as a silly, immature stepchild. Why must Old World vision be the (dis)illusion that we continue to follow?

If we grant the belief of maya, or universal consciousness, or one powerful almighty, then why can’t we shift our focus to a different set of illusions and create a New World?

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