In Search of the Ancestors, photo by Catherine Herrera

In-Search-of-the-Ancestors, 2009

I recently took this photo, after visiting with my great grand uncle and his wife. I came barreling through town seven years ago, wanting answers to long held questions about my Dad’s family history. At 101 years old, my grand uncle is now the oldest, and last living, relative from my grandfather’s family. I have spent the last fourteen years of my life searching for the answers, only to have been left an answer here, an answer there, crumbs on a trail. This search has been at the core of my work since returning to California in 2001. This photograph, In Search of the Ancestors, was taken after my great grand aunt revealed once again a new clue during our visit last, the cemetery where several of our relatives lay in rest. Their plots, mostly not seen for headstones were too costly. Yet, never lonely, for our ancestors walk all across this valley, once the fertile land of plenty, now glossed over in silicon.

Catherine Herrera, January, 2009

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