Take a look at the Work of Lightstalker Photographer Imants Krumins

Last year I joined a forum for photographers called Lightstalker (there is a link on the blogroll) which has really been an invaluable resource in so many ways. First and foremost, its been great connecting with other like-minded individuals around the world, who are all seeking to contribute a ray of light in the kaleidoscope of describing the world today for future generations. I connected up with one of the Lightstalker photographers Imants Krumins (see some samples of the work here http://www.imantskrumins.com). Imants is Latvin who grew up in Australia and Asia, and the fusion is evident in the images. I really appreciate Krumins’ exploration in form and subject, but most of all, I find that I am carried into a new space and place through Imants’ images. The mixing of media creates the feel of a curtain from behind which I view each scene, while the saturated colors lull me into believing instead of peeping into someone’s life, I am a creative participant, sketching in my own story. Take a look around!

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