Calling All Swans and Swan Supporters!

Hungry Woman in Paris
Hungry Woman in Paris

Swan Day is only a short two weeks away! Read more below about Swan Day and Stay Tuned for info on a special Flor de Miel Media fundraising event for new projects underway! Want to start early? Please click on the Donate button on the left to support Flor de Miel’s Sweet Entertainment.

To the woman artists who have lead the way and given us all examples by which to lead forward, thank you!

I will be featuring several artists here on this blog in support of other beautiful swans!

Today, I am featuring the new book by Josefina Lopez – Hungry Woman in Paris.
It was a real honor to read an early draft of the book and see it now in press. Josefina was one of the first woman authors/scriptwriters I ever met, and I am very grateful for her example of what an author and woman can be. Si se puede! Feliz Cumplianos! Buy a copy here.

Check out more about Swan Day at
Check out more about Swan Day at

Women are creating some of the most exciting and challenging art in the United States today. And yet, despite great strides in other fields and a few high-visibility success stories, women continue to face enormous employment discrimination in the arts and media.

The Fund for Women Artists is dedicated to helping women overcome barriers directly by raising funds and providing other resources to help women do their art. At the same time, we need to educate the public about the continuing problems of gender bias and pressure institutions to change. Not only do women suffer by being shut out, but the culture as a whole is poorer when it is deprived of the vision and creativity of women artists.

Learn more about Swan Day here

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