Enlighten Up! Opens April 1, 2009

In my search for 1) anything that makes me laugh, 2) anything that can improve my health, and 3) anything that can help me make sense of life, Enlighten Up! caught my eye.

The dream of traveling the globe in search of an answer has been one of those dreams driving my documentary proposals. Particularly when I lived in Mexico. Living in a country where a range of media and perspectives are available, Mexico showed me what it can be like to live with a plethora of media from around the world. It was a joy as a filmmaker to be able to see work from all over, and receive news from around the world. The experience lead me to often incorporate a bi-national approach in my work, always proposing films to be filmed on both sides of the border, so each side could learn more about each other. What I learned quickly on was that the media lent itself to a continual “unknowing” that masked itself as knowing when it came to Mexico or the U.S. between the two.

So, it was that Kate Churchill’s film Enlighten Up! really caught my interest. Check out the description of the film below!

Kate and the film’s lead cast, Nick Rosen, travel the globe in search of the true benefits of Yoga, interviewing experts and individuals about whether Yoga is the answer for improved physical health. As you get further into the description, it becomes clear Enlighten Up! may not give an answer everyone expects!

To me, its even better when a film shares the journey.

Film opens April 1, 2009 in theaters!! Check out the trailer at iTunes or check out the longer version trailer at the Enlighten Up website website.

Check out the trailer for Enlighten Up! on their website or iTunes!
Check out the trailer for Enlighten Up! on their website or iTunes!

Kate Churchill is a filmmaker and a dedicated yoga practitioner who insists that yoga can transform anyone. She decides to prove it. Her plan: select a subject, immerse him in yoga and follow him until he finds a yoga practice that transforms him. Her subject: Nick Rosen a skeptical, 29 year-old journalist living in New York City. Intrigued by the opportunity to peek behind the curtain of a 5.7 billion dollar “spiritual” industry, Nick signs on to investigate yoga for 6 months. Before he can say OM, he finds himself twisted up like a pretzel, surrounded by celebrity yogis, true believers, kooks, entrepreneurs and a gentle teacher from Brazil who leads his class with his feet behind his head. The more Nick investigates yoga the more contradictions he discovers, leading him to question whether yoga is anything more than a workout. As Nick searches for concrete facts and discards the lofty spiritual theories of his yoga teachers, he strays further from Kate’s original plan. The two find themselves lost in Northern India, embroiled in a struggle between Kate’s expectations and Nick’s overt rejection of “spirituality.” They circle the globe talking to mystics, gurus, mad men and saints searching for the true meaning of yoga. Ultimately, both Nick and Kate end up in places they never could have imagined. They don’t find the answers to their questions, they find much more.

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