100 days of HOPE

It was with huge relief last night that I watched two different presidential press conferences, one in the U.S. and one in Mexico.

President Obama stood before our nation and answered questions honestly and openly. Will everyone get what they want – no – and truthfully, the way President Obama makes it look – I get it – now this is democracy. What is most moving of all to me is the sense that there is a leader in charge. A leader willing to stand strong with the voters behind him as he shifts policy, as well as a sharp, reasoning statesman who’s got the longer vision when we need it.

There was no sugar coating, we face daunting times, but, really, only for as long as we want it to be daunting.

Somehow, when President Obama speaks, I am not afraid, I am not worried or anxious. I trust. I believe in our capacity to mold a new future. I know we will not be perfect, nor do I expect perfection.

I feel like now I can return to my business of being a citizen and contributing the most I can – in a civic sense, yes, but even more importantly, personally. I can go back to tackling the challenges of health care, education and the economy by improving those things in the ways I can as a member of society. Instead of approaching with frustration or fear of misunderstanding, or not being heard, I approach with trust.

Trust can take us a million miles and back.

I also heard a huge sigh of relief across the border after President Felipe Calderon’s press conference last night. The President’s clearheaded talk, plain reason, and simple facts seemed to create a new strand of lifeline by which we can stitch ourselves back together again.

Over all, hope is what we can weave together across divides, and in the process, amaze even ourselves.

The calm and sincerity of both presidents moved me in a way that gave me strength and resolve that we shall overcome, yes we can. Si se puede!

‘No Son’ – In Breath as In Spirit.

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