Fuel – What power will we choose? Check out the Film

Poster for the film Fuel coming out this Fall!
Poster for the film Fuel coming out this Fall!

I read critics of the recent Climate Change bill balk at  the unfairness of the Democrats adding 300 pages in amendments to the 1000-plus page original bill. Naturally, that this type of process is practiced by both parties is cause for concern that sparks questions as to how much one can properly digest in one day, day after day, year after year, and really comprehend entirely the legislation before them.

Yet, really, how many more ice caps have to melt for us to finally move ahead, and stop pretending that, by pretending climate change doesn’t exist, it won’t. I don’t know why exactly, but something kinda tells me that blinking our eyes isn’t going to make this problem go away like it did in the 1980’s, especially considering today we see, indeed, the problem is only worse.

This week, Paul Krugman of the New York Times wrote an Op Ed ‘Betraying the Planet‘ that reveals scientists are revising their predictions to make up for the speed with which the environment is deteriorating. Apparently, the more greenhouse gases, the faster the deterioration, leading to more gases, more deterioration. You get the idea.

The sad fact is that there is no way to delay action any longer to ensure we really, really address climate change.

Let’s support innovation and invest in change. I know its scary to consider that soon, even our very existence will be transformed. How will the transformation play out, and in which direction – positive or negative? We are not passive beings so we choose our direction at this fork in the road. Let’s embrace change intelligently.

I don’t have all the answers, that’s clear. Yet, I do think people with different, alternative ideas be allowed to speak now without starting a political war on the evolution of man. Change is scary. Yet, still, when I look around, I see hope from innovation.

Consider the issue of fuel. Depletion of sources for oil, and the incredible cost economically, socially, politically, is staggering. Just today it was predicted that between now and 2030 we will spend TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of dollars on fossil fuels pumping into the economy, that yes, we need to replace in a way that will lessen the horrendous impact on the environment, and prevent collapsing long standing economic structures.

The fuel issue is not going away, our need to decide is not receding, so let’s start considering what options exist.

‘Fuel’ is a film that searches for answers about the biofuel alternative. Did you know the first Ford was meant to run on biofuel? Boy, that was a big detour! Director Josh Tickell tries to get us back on track.

‘Fuel’ takes us on a journey in search of alternatives, a road Josh started to walk down when his mother became ill with cancer while living and raising her family in the section of Louisiana with the highest incidence of cancer in the entire United States. Mr. Tickell’s personal transformation is a guide to how we can transform scary change into positive, meaningful innovation and wrestle back decision-making power to chart the course of our future. Not for politics. To save our planet.

After all, isn’t our planet ‘too big to fail’ – Isn’t it time we at least listen? Learn more about Josh Tickell and his film Fuel.

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