Through the Mirror of the Past, A Wave Home, 2009, Catherine Herrera
Through the Mirror of the Past, A Wave Home, 2009, Catherine Herrera

Thank you for all those who return and view the Sweet Entertainment blog. I hope this summer is good to you.

I have been on a hiatus for the last several weeks, a moment of recalibration. In some traditions, there is a day in the year called the “day outside of time” – I have remembered this well, because my birthday falls on the day after – a fact that has been interpreted to me as the Head of the Serpent, the first day of the coiling snake that is the number count of days making up year in the Mayan and Mixeca calendars.

I have spent the last little while on hiatus, “outside time.” Outside my normal routine and for the first time, in a long time, alone for a long stretch of time. I’ve enjoyed the space in time to consider Sweet Entertainment’s Fall programming line-up , during which I will add a layer of multimedia reporting and musings.

I took a moment to look back to my business plan for Flor de Miel Media and to chart progress towards the goals set down in paper. The economy put my plans on “slow”, yet, thankfully, movement is still forward.

Living many years in Mexico as an adult, I learned to appreciate forward movement, and recognize Rhythm Of Time. Often, life plans take longer than expected, sometimes expectations are shifted and transform us into new ways of thinking. When I would feel furthest from my artistic goals or with less time than I had hoped, I would stop and ask what rhythm was present. Respecting the rhythm of time is important. So my guidepost became assessing whether I was moving forward.

Sometimes its fast and sometimes its slow, forward.

I grew up thinking I was in charge of time, a resource to be organized, boxed, checked, lived by. When I walked to a different clock, I saw that even if I could wrangle time in just the way I want, its an illusion. I think about this in relation to the environment, and global warming. Internally, intuitively, I know, no matter how much I wish that we could go back as a world to a time when we believed we could ignore the signs, that’s not happening because the rhythm of time is different now. Our collective intuition is saying the same. Take a moment outside of time, hear what your intuition tells is your movement.

This is no cry of defeat, its a rally around all the young people who now know the difference, and push us to move forward, and lead us to believe we can save our planet. We can do it. Asking intelligent questions is not a crime, its a responsibility. In my opinion.

Whether I wanted it so or not, part of my time outside of time has been spent involved with doctors, hospitals, and medical insurance. Well, rather, the lack thereof. I have not posted a Letter of Courage in a while, in part, I frankly, some days don’t have the energy to be shocked that I have fallen into an abyss called health care in the U.S. Left to my own to correct a disease I, as an artist, know nothing about. Last week, I was asked in a doctor’s appointment whether I had filed a lawsuit from a woman who did not know about my case, but enough to point out all the “other ways” I might have gotten this disease. If I indeed have it since I can’t even get the tests to rule it out and find the cause. That day required a moment outside of time, fo’ sure.

I will be posting more in the series Letter of Courage, and share some of the lessons I am learning, both about health care in the U.S., as well as about myself. LoC is designed as a recording of a process. As access to health care slips away, I turn to my own healing power, and choose to empower myself.

What if doctors could be doctors again?

Healing my Arm, 2009, photo by Catherine Herrera
Healing my Arm, 2009, photo by Catherine Herrera

I think a moment outside of time on the health care issue is needed. Step back if you will, take a moment outside of time – retreat to houses of prayer, circles of supporters, and community blocks, and ask yourself what you intuition says about health care reform for our country. Ask in silence of time, what does your intuition tell you is right for yourself, then offer it to your neighbor by understanding why its so important everyone is covered.

When I hear about the 1.1 million dollars spent a day to fight against the will of 76% of the public for health care reform, or a campaign against the will of the American people from servants to the dollars raised from aligned industries, I just wonder,