‘Relations’ Project – Cultural Encounters, de Young, March 2011

'Tribute to my Mother, and Monet,' Color. 2010.

I am working on the creation of a video installation for an exhibit that will be shown as part of the Cultural Encounters Fridays programming series in March of 2011.

I have been developing the written script that will guide the filming of the installation video. I hope very much to engage the landscape as part of my installation. I hope by incorporating the landscape, that place where the museum and nature meet, will create a unique sensation for the viewer when standing before the installation panels and looking at the view from the tower.

As part of my commission piece, I have been photographing the grounds of the museum over the last year and a half. Sales from the ‘Relations’ photo series help fund the installation work.

Over the next several months leading up to the exhibit, I will write more about the influences weaving into the installation and the creative process.

Purchase a print, support a film! Kickstarter is working with Flor de Miel Films to launch Witness the Healing. You can join with rewards directly from the ‘Relations Project.’ Visit http://kck.st/9SagYI

Photos from the ‘Relations’ series are offered for sale at www.catherineherrera.photoshelter.com. Please note that affordable prints can be ordered directly from the online portfolio. Archival, signed prints are custom ordered online or by writing assignments@flordemielfilms.com.

To learn more about the Relations project, please visit www.relationsproject.wordpress.com.

Catherine Herrera is a fiscally sponsored artist. Donations can be made online here.

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