A Shout Out to Visitors of Sweet Entertainment!!

It’s such an honor to see visitors to this site from around the United States and the Globe!!

Thank you so very much for visiting my site. When I moved to Mexico to work as a journalist, the internet had not caught on. I had that old-fashioned experience of moving somewhere and really being removed, cut off, away from my culture. This was in 1993. I remember talking with the photographer Mariana Yampolsky about what her experience had been like in the 1930’s, when she had moved as a young girl of 14 to Mexico from the United States, and I knew how her professional life had progressed in the years between. When Mariana and I talked about globalization, I could see how her experience of being cut off from her culture, embracing a very rich and ancient culture, purposely moving out into a world of unknowns and newness, was much different from my experience. Only a few years after I had arrived in Mexico with a Fulbright fellowship, the internet had caught on, and I was able to keep in touch with family, friends, my culture. I was no less embracing the ancient and modern Mexican culture, for I had come to learn, but, I was able to see the point in my experience when that “cut off” point ended. Mariana and I were talking about Globalization from these two perspectives. Mariana was a kind, deep soul, whose work as a photographer I admired. I could see how the experience of remaining in touch was going to influence my view of globalization.

Seeing the visitors to this site who hail from all parts of the world, this is in some small part (or is it the whole enchilada?) is the beauty I could see in globalization. Connecting. Yes, now, perhaps, fleeting, a second, a minute, maybe 5 minutes, but we are sharing ideas, learning more about each other, and I hope – in the process – realizing our similarities.

I embarked just a few weeks ago on testing this theory of connection in a new way. Fundraising. As an artist, both when I was in Mexico, and now even here in the U.S., it’s always been a challenge of face fundraising. Often, I hate to say, I wonder if the themes of my work make it tougher to raise money.

So, I have decided to go out into the unknown once again and try a new approach, one built on this notion of global community, one that builds on modest contributions to grow into a larger support for the media projects.

Click on the Kickstarter link to the left to receive REWARDS!! as a donor – 8 DAYS LEFT, PLEASE HELP KICKSTART HEALING!

Only have a modest amount, interested in the reward of community funding – Please click consider a Modest Needs donation to my community media projects, or to any of the very worthwhile families on that site seeking modest help to remain sustainable, to make it through tough times, and get back on one’s feet!

Many thanks,
Catherine Herrera
July 19, 2010

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