Digging Deeper – Still Want to Contribute?

So it is that this campaign on Kickstarter ends. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed your healing spirit to this endeavor. Your names will be added to the list of supporters and I thank you for inspiring me to continue on. Please visit here if you’d like to still make a donation to this project.

A special thank you to that special contributor who purchased needed drive space so that I can continue on until the next funding comes in.

So it is for independent creative projects. Onward!

Making Witness the Healing is also a healing journey for me personally, one that started many years ago, when first I went looking for our relatives in Mexico, and instead was taught important lessons that prepared me to meet my Ohlone relations.

That sharing across cultures, elders of one clan to the youth of another clan, I believe, always went on. Stories confirm a close intertwining of people who carried similar beliefs in their hearts.

Yesterday, as I was pouring over records, I clicked on one record, and up pops from the Indian Census 1895

Digger California

In an instant, my eyes filled with tears, as if someone had slapped me. I had never seen that word in print, now often used mostly in a historical context.

My dad had told me how it felt when he first heard that word as a child in elementary school.

The pain in that word is as to hearing the term “indian giver” – those that dug up this state were not the Native people.

The three Digger Indians, as the Ohlone and other Coastal Northern California Indians were called, were on the census from 1895 to 1903. In 1895, they were 50, 24, and 13 respectively. In 1903 they were the same ages.

People stuck in time immemorial, people left behind.

In 2010, one must dig deep to unearth our histories, so that we may add our shell to the Shellmound of Healing that will build up to replace those torn down. One must dig deep to keep going to share the story, even when its uncomfortable.

We are not buried people, we are here, alive. Diverse, engaged and active are the Ohlone today. From the start, I have said, this film is only one among many efforts to shed greater light and understanding on Ohlone and California Native life, past and present.

Please take a moment to visit the Confederation of Ohlone Peoples site to learn more about the various Ohlone communities directly.

I’d also like to thank the Ohlone leadership and elders, those whom I know well, and those whom I have yet to meet face-to-face. It’s never lost on me every contribution you’ve made in the benefit of the larger community.

Catherine Herrera
July 28, 2010

Post Script:
The fund-raising continues. If you’d like to still make a donation to this project, please visit here

C. Herrera/Flor de Miel Media is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions in behalf of C. Herrera/Flor de Miel Media may be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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