Hooker’s Sweet Treats Cafe – Tenderloin’s Spot for Chocolate, Coffee and Carmel!

Kevin Rudolph's eclectic lighting scones bring the modern to a honey oasis in San Francisco's Tenderloin.

(To see the whole series up close and in color, click here.)

In my ongoing series on the Tenderloin Neighborhood in San Francisco’s city center, I came across Hooker’s Sweet Treats on an errand recently. What a treasure for coffee and sweets lovers alike!

Hooker’s fresh-roasted, French-pressed SightGlass Coffee starts brewing early for those on their way to work in the financial district or city center.

Stop by with a friend for a delectable and unforgettable Praline cookie (or two), or, Hooker’s Sweet Treats infamous Carmel-covered pudding bread – share if you must – it’s a worth-while treat!

Owner David “Hooker” Williams brings the southern charm to these recipes springing from his childhood in New Orleans.

Make sure to try Hooker’s Sweet Treat infamous Salted Chocolate Carmel, blending Welsh salt and bitter-sweet chocolate into a Carmel delight. Savor for Later with eco-friendly boxed Carmels to-go if you want to share this sweet, not-so-well-kept secret with office mates or family.

Make note of a box or two as gifts for this coming holiday season – you will be remembered kindly for generations!

Hooker’s Sweet Treat Cafe features the lightning scones of Kevin Randolph, a San Francisco-based light maker, designing one-of-a-kind lightening experiences from reused and cast off materials. Check his site when you get a chance for a rethink about what light can be.

Hooker’s Sweet Treats Cafe offers a homey oasis in the bustling city center, yet, if you can’t make it over, purchase Hooker’s Sweet Treats at Bi-Rite Market on 18th Street near the Creamery, or at SightGlass Coffee, or ask for Sweet Treats on your next visit to The Perish Truth.

If you’re in the TL, give me an excuse to go back…..


442 Hyde Street, between O’Farrell and Ellis Streets
San Francisco City Center
Tenderloin Neighborhood

Hours are 8:00-5:00, Mon-Fri, and Saturday 10-2.
Cash, No Cards.

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