Sweet Entertainment at the Rodeo!

Cow Palace is infamous, a hunkin’ structure for all kinds of events. Strange that I found myself at a Rodeo there but so be it.

From being teased about needing handicap parking because I am so young (thank you) to encountering people outside at the entrance nicely handing out leaflets describing the cruelty to the animals at the Rodeo (I didn’t know), well, it was all pushed aside the minute I saw those horses. My girlhood love of horses came flooding back. Seeing the strength and beauty of those animals in movement, prompted my spirit to act like a silly child, the one who created stories with plastic toy horses, and later, the youth who learned to ride and jump fences, to the mature rider who learned to pull and loosen the reigns after being throw off particularly hard once.

I was a hooting and a hallarin’ just like everyone else. It was a nice fun family night. Many thanks to my dad for the invite me and his grandchild.  The fourth generation Herrera photographer took some stunning images, nice to see the talent increase exponentially with the next generation of budding photographer!

If you get a chance, head down to the Cow Palace this weekend for a fun family event – plus, have a chance to see world-class rodeo champions, and support the good people from Gilroy, and surrounding areas, who come up to show what they are made of!

Ultimately, it’s a chance to support people who make a living working with the land and animals, with a nice event to keep the connection alive between nature and us city folk!

Check out the full gallery here

Double Touch. Rodeo, Cow Palace. 2010



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