Holiday Special!

I want to give great thanks to the many supporters, and abundance of blessings that have been shared with us this year. I know these are trying times for everyone. As hard as it can be to not reach a goal planned, or, to see the world move in one way instead of the other, there is a real discipline in moving forward anyway. In coming to change, one grows beyond what one expected, and a lot of beautiful unexpected positives come along too. So, here’s to hoping 2011 is the year I grow more than ever!

Year in review brings a moment to celebrate, and set new goals!  As Sweet Entertainment goes into 2011, I am excited about the prospects of sharing the programming that I have been working on over the last few years, a birthing, if you will, a sharing time. I have been editing the short documentary ‘Relations’ that I started back in 2009, and I am excited to announce its release in September 2011. Interviews for the film started this fall and will continue through the spring. I am seeking a three-month summer residency to focus on editing, community test screenings, and preparing the short film for exhibiting.

I have finished mapping out the filming and editing of the ‘Bridge Installation’ for a one night show as part of the larger Cultural Encounters program at the de Young. This installation is interactive, highlighted with audio to set the stage for the video itself, the goal a symphony of memory and honoring and healing. The ‘Bridge Installation’ will be shown on March 11, 2011 at the de Young Museum. Mark your calendars!  The installation will be shown in the de Young’s Tower – on the eighth floor, with the backdrop of a landscape with a glimpse of an unobstructed vista towards the Pacific Ocean and into history.

The de Young Tower is open daily for visits so stop by for a rare treat this holiday season!

Your support of Flor de Miel Entertainment has been really inspiring for me. Honestly, when I was first diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in 2008 after a bad blood draw, it was the creative work, and my family and friends, that gave me the motivation to keep moving forward. Life is what happens while one is making plans.

So it is that I am so grateful for the donations – and hence, the new fiscal sponsorship through Fractured Atlas (easy click on the right). I want to thank collectors who have purchased my photographs. All together, these actions have inspired me to consider leaving behind years of grant writing (huge sigh of relief from all concerned :), to ply my creative wears like all good people of community commerce forging ahead in uncertain economic times. I believe Sweet Entertainment can add a grain of sand, and I hope you’ll agree by making a pledge of support today!

Your year end donation through Fractured Atlas – in any amount starting from $10 – is appreciated and offers a tax deductible benefit to the donor.

In appreciation to collectors of my photographs, I am giving back bonus gifts for orders of signed, numbered prints. This coupon (just click) can be used directly on the portfolio site to purchase a signed, number print and affordable prints and photo products, including note cards. Shipping in time for Christmas! Or treat yourself to a New Year gift, coupon valid through 1/5/2010.

Wishing you the best holiday season with your family, and here’s to an abundant, and collaborative New Year!

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