Sherri: Season 1

I have a wonderful teenager. Yes, there are tough moments. But, honestly, I never knew what a wonderful time the teenage years could be for a parent. My own teenage years were challenging, probably in great part to my own wobbly pushing out into the world. Friends from that time in my life can attest! Its comforting to see the next generation advance as they do, as each generation before. Nature.

This holiday season has me sitting around a bit, waiting as each high school essay comes out of the teenager mind. Making small comments here and there. And, then, waiting again for rewrites. Hard to believe high school is here already. Time goes fast.

In between, while waiting, I have been organizing my office, busying myself with year-end chores. I stumbled upon Netflix’s stock of Sherri, the sitcom by Sherri Shepard. I was curious to watch the program, not knowing that Sherri had been nominated already for several awards for her performance as a leading actress.

I was quite pleasantly taken away through 12 episodes of Sherri, watching a very human being struggle with familiar single parent challenges. I really loved the well-developed cast of characters, with superb supporting roles written by well-crafted writers!

Kudos to Lifetime for taking a chance on the show. I’d sure love to see another season, and I believe web and network TV distribution would expose a much larger audience to what matches up to any other program on network today.

What ups my confidence in the show’s ability to cross over and flood out is that there much common ground in Sherri.

Known for a few gaffes that lead many to question Sherri’s overreaching faith for all knowledge, her program offers present day parables that offer a spiritual answer. Note, I did not say a religious answer. Its Sherri’s struggles with ego, infidelity, forgiveness, being the bigger person, and humility that offers a common ground for people of all religions – how do we become better people and evolve our communities by making choices that benefit more than just ourselves?

Sherri shares that up in a way that anyone can get on board with, and her show proves to a bridge by which to better understand many of the social situations that conservative and religious hounds often moralize the most and offend the greatest.

I think the Sherri Show offers us all a moment to consider the real people behind our everyday spins, and, in a refreshing turn, gives us insight into the challenges that single, and multi-family parents experience.

I was also very impressed by how the program offered many teams of directors, writers and crews a chance to work. Lifetime offered an experience to hone craft, and as the media landscape changes, but hiring limitations for underrepresented communities often remain stagnant, Sherri gave established and emerging talent a chance to participate in bringing to fruition a delightfully entertaining, real-life, television program of value, and in these days and times, these types of programs are sorely missed.

Learn more about Sherri here or download the show at Netflix or by visiting Lifetime.

NAACP Image Awards
2010 Nomination for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series (Sherri)
Gracie Awards
2010 Award for Leading Actress in a Comedy Series (Sherri)

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