Bridge Walkers Opens Friday in Tower of de Young Museum

Bridge Walkers Installation
Bridge Walkers Installation

Its been a very busy few weeks! Editing, resting, editing. I knew editing was fun, but I did not know how joyful and transformative editing can be, and to spend time again with footage from Mexico again. Its been very meaningful, and I pray that I can inspire the same feeling with the audience.

Yesterday was a nice treat to be able to visit the Al Despertar Morning program at Univision.

Bridge Walkers on Univision
Bridge Walkers on Univision, Catherine Herrera, director, and host, Kira Vilanova.

In the evening, I was able to share more information about Bridge Walkers with Nina Serrano at La Raza Chronicles on KPFA. I met Nina about six years ago with my ‘Mother’s Nature of Creation’ installation. Its been really nice connecting with all these amazing bridge walkers, people like Nina.

Yesterday, International Day of the Woman, I was really honored to be asked by Lupe Peimbert to join the program she was doing that day on Marco Guitterez’s Hecho en California.

My interview with Lupe followed on the heels of discussions about the value of women to society today, and, the need for women to protect themselves against rights abuses. In the afternoon, a friend shared her worry that her sister’s husband was violent with her sister and might try something to put a permanent end to their marital problems. The friend said just last week, a woman down the road had been killed by her husband. There is so much that women must overcome, and its a tough road, but when I hear Lupe Peimbert speak about the changes that have come already for women, I believe, woman to woman, the world can be changed. Women can treat other women with kindness and change the world.

I feel fortunate as a woman, as a woman artist.

In working on this installation – or perhaps its my stage in life – I have been given thought to the pressures on people not to speak, not to share their stories. Recently, I have been talking with different friends about the old ways, the ways taught to survive, to be quiet and not speak up. These were protective mechanisms, and, with good reason. For California Native people, this skill was literally, plain and simple, survival.

What my friends and I have been discussing is what new survival skills need to be adopted to ensure survival today? Maybe sharing and talking can lead to healing. I can not predict the future, so I can’t say, but, I pray my sharing carries, and the audience receives, my good intention to share.

Believe it or not, the myth that all the Ohlone are gone is not true. Please come to the de Young Museum Friday night. Ann Marie Sayers and Corrina Gould, two Ohlone who are working towards preserving the Ohlone culture and Shellmounds today, are the feature interviews of the installation. Have a listen to their stories, and learn more about the present day Ohlone, in their own voices.

I am about to head into the last stretch of editing to fine tune the video, and spend time with the audio. The audio in the room, in combination with the audio of the video, I pray is a symphony of spirit, and people who come on Friday are moved to add a prayer to the rebuilding of knowledge about the Ohlone people.

I am so grateful to so many people for this opportunity, I pray I honor them in the Bridge Walker Installation.

Come on out if you get a chance!   FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2011, 6-8:45 P.M.

Tower – 9th Floor

de Young Museum 50 Hagawara Tea Drive

Bridge Walkers Full Text,' 2011. Photo by Catherine Herrera
Bridge Walkers Full Text,' 2011. Photo by Catherine Herrera

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