Bridge Walking

Today I will be tweeting as part of the day of honoring on Alcatraz this morning. Unable to be there in person, I have been invited to join the Columbus Day Occupy to share the history and importance of Sacred Sites to the Ohlone. Its my honor to share this 10 min. version of the Bridge Walkers Documentary. Please contact me for screening requests for the full length 19 min documentary. And, thank you for walking across bridges so that we may find common ground.

This short documentary shares the history and cultural importance today of Sacred Shellmounds to the Ohlone people of San Francisco. Tribal elder Ann Marie Sayers, Sacred Sites Walk co-founder, Corrina Gould, and, artist L. Frank Manriquez offer a unique vantage to better understand efforts today to protect and preserve Sacred Sites. Collaborations between the Ohlone and local parks, museums, archeologists, and environmental stewards has led to increasing protection for these vital sites. Learn more at,,

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