Flor de Miel Media presents ‘Narco Beauty and La Environmentalista,’ spoken word poem read by Catherine Herrera

I’ve been working behind the scenes on breaking down the ‘Open Doors’ preview – I was quite surprised by the impact the creative process had on me personally, opening doors in ways unexpected. I am grateful to grow and develop, and learn each day.

As that work continues, here is a new spoken word poem I wrote this week. This time, I have a recorded reading. I am available for readings of my spoken word poems so reach out by email if you are interested in booking a reading. (assignments@flordemielfilms.com)

I am also available to screen ‘Bridge Walkers,’ and talk more on the subject. All fees will go into a broader distribution for ‘Bridge Walkers’ in California and beyond.

Another great way to support the outreach efforts of ‘Bridge Walkers’ is making a contribution to Flor de Miel Media through the Fractured Atlas button – just click for easy online contributions of $10, 20, 50 or more – all donations will receive a deduction for tax purposes, and the funds managed with a finishing/distribution budget for the fiscal sponsoring organization.

If you love ‘Narco Beauty and La Environmentalista,’ donations will contribute to the publication of my spoken word poetry from 2000-2012.

As always, thank you for your continued support, I am filled with emotion by the support and love shared with me and attracted by the creative spirit.


Catherine Herrera, December 06, 2012, San Francisco/

for the video, click below or visit http://youtu.be/dm51_5J2zZc

Quetzacoatl, Flor de Miel Fotos 1999, webv
Quetzacoatl, Flor de Miel Fotos 1999, webv


Words won’t come.

Speeches aren’t given.

Corridos won’t be song,

cries of ‘Unacceptable’ won’t be shouted!

when the Narco Beauty and La Environmentalista

add one and one

to make two


132 whispers


smoke and dreams

go up together

as prayer

Grandfather, Ajua, Teo

Guide us now.

Over there

down the path

with four forks,

five colors,

under a sixth sun


Red is the same color

running across borders.

Fear left

when the snake recoils


White of Light shines all over because


knows no boundaries.



as a Seed

planted in a Mind

to grow rather than subside.

Blue in seas that

bring love

near and far

oars crossing lines, and oceans.


rays of Sun

lights above cities

instigating songs

circling in a way

no red can block.


warming my thighs

cries of ecstasy


rainbow’s delight

in a breeze that won’t stop blowing,

found in a fog that cannot wait,

Winter freezes

to remind

Spring thaws.

Letting go

a must

moving forward

Erasing fears

Rising above, and


Weeping for Narco Beauties

traveling down lonely roads

of bullets

Beeping Satellite Phones across the Globe

Crying ‘La Environmentalista!’

Homenaje. Homage.

Hummingbird calls.


Release the branch,

just under your feet


leading Up

covering over,

Red earth with Green shoots, warmed by Sun’s Delight,

blooming flowers,

sweeping spirits,

Hummingbirds flying

into hearts

moving mountains

of fear.

The Day is Here!

Narco Beauty, La Environmentalista

your veil,


leaving visions

of spirits gone far


to Guide

new paths

of walking together

Sustaining each other




multiplying Prayers,

embracing Lovers to say,

life can not exist,

Ni one without the other.

Pushing forward



a new rhythm

as strong as the tides,

revealing circle of


bigger than

any box of Fear.

Quezta Flor de Miel Fotos 1999-a

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