Exhibits and Presentations in January 2014 – Flor de Miel Media and Catherine Herrera

2014 – San Francisco

'Open Doors' Press Image 2014, Created by Catherine Herrera, Flor de Miel Fotos
‘Open Doors’ Press Image 2014, Created by Catherine Herrera, Flor de Miel Fotos

Public Presentation

Flor de Miel Media has been writing ‘Welcome to the Mission,’ a long form article on development in San Francisco, and a related Performance piece. ‘Welcome to the Mission’ is part of the ‘Open Doors’ project.

'Open Doors' Installation Sketch, 2013, photography by Catherine Herrera, Flor de Miel Fotos, Intl CR reserved
‘Open Doors’ Installation Sketch, 2013, photography by Catherine Herrera, Flor de Miel Fotos, Intl CR reserved

This week, Catherine Herrera will make a presentation on ‘Welcome to the Mission,’ the performance piece and long form article that considers ‘displacement’ and ‘home’ from the perspective of a contemporary Ohlone person living in San Francisco, to place Ohlone History on the City’s development timeline as a means of reflecting on the past, but also, our present as Catherine Herrera shares more about the cultural revitalization of Ohlone people living in San Francisco today.

Public Presentation starts at 6:00 p.m. Catherine Herrera will be opening an event organized to give space for City residents to share their current experiences of displacement and resistance.

January 11, 2014-January 31, 2014, Exhibit of Photographs

'Woman Rising,' Amah Katura: Women Honoring Sii (Water),photo by Catherine Herrera, Intl CR Reserved. Contact for License
‘Woman Rising,’ Amah Katura: Women Honoring Sii (Water),photo by Catherine Herrera, Intl CR Reserved. Contact for License.

Amah Katura: Women Honoring Sii (Water), Art Exhibit with Opening and Storytelling Event, featuring three Ohlone women artists.

Opening: Jan. 11, 2014, 2-5 p.m. with Storytelling event.

‘I had such an amazing time at the opening, and I really want to thank Malinalli Media for organizing a great event. Mica Valdez attracted support for the artists by gathering together Ohlone, and relative tribal peoples, the Mexica, Hopi, someone who traveled from San Diego even! to celebrate and honor Water. I feel very fortunate to have heard the speakers share their enthusiasm and excitement for the future, as well as, their clear headed vision of  water and the environment – the matter of its protection. Very inspiring.

We all remember that with the beauty comes a responsibility. After all, this area, Yeluma or San Francisco, was a very beautiful, sustaining landscape with a history of over 10,000 of residence in the Bay Area as the Shellmounds, and other clues that have been studied scientifically confirm.

As an artist, I feel honored to be invited to share my photographs which are very much expressions of love and deep connection to the land of San Francisco and the Bay Area, and it means a lot to be part of the larger Ohlone community revitalizing Ohlone culture and evolving the vitality of thought, practice and traditions. I believe, from my own experience, reconnecting is healing. I give great thanks to my elders, and give thanks for their  support, and thank Gregg Castro and his wife for traveling to see us.’

January 08, 2014 – Opening for ‘The Americans’  Exhibit, San Francisco, CA

Catherine Herrera exhibits in 'The Americans' in San Francisco in January 2014.
Catherine Herrera exhibits in ‘The Americans’ in San Francisco in January 2014.

Opening Exhibit of ‘The Americans’

Inspired by Robert Frank’s 1958 work of genius The Americans, the exhibit sought to share a contemporary view of America, and explore the questions of: What is our national identity, and where and how does it appear? What is the landscape of America today? Juried by Gabriel Aguilar, Garnell Boyd, Seth Dickerman, Laura Miller, and Kimberly Sikora.

‘This was a great way to start 2014! I had a great time getting to mingle at the opening, to talk with and meet other photographers working in San Francisco. The location was also part of the charm, on the walls were photographs of Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, and a large wall hanging with Sgt. Lonely Hearts Band that took me back to being a teen and learning the words to ‘Stairway to Heaven’ on the bus to summer sleep away camp, and being wowed by the song’s lyrics. The Lonely Hearts Band was one of the first ‘date’ movies I ever saw and when it didn’t go so well, and I thought I might be in the Lonely Hearts Band for life!, I remember being consoled by visions of being a photographer exploring the world. So, it felt pretty special to see the posters and that history and be there that night. The photo selected was one of my earliest images from the ‘Landless Indian’ series. I’m working now on selecting images from the series for the book by the same name. What I loved most about exhibiting with other San Francisco photographers in the way that Dickerman Prints organized the show was great energy of being in a room filled with people who love photography and its power to document, reflect, celebrate daily life and culture. I was honored to be included in ‘The Americans.’

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