Flor de Miel Fall Screenings and Speaking Engagements

2014 started and ends with exhibits for Flor de Miel Media and Catherine Herrera Photography. I am very grateful for such a great year, and to be able to meet so many wonderful people who connect with the stories shared in my fine art and photography, and the art projects ‘Bridge Walkers’ and ‘Open Doors to a Healing.’

I am grateful to have a chance to share the stories and life experiences of the people featured in my film and photography work. I feel good when people invite me to share their story with you – the supporters, audience and people from afar who want to learn more.

Once again, your generous, online, secure, tax-deductible donation makes it possible to continue with this non-commercial work that simply can’t be done with out your investing and making it possible to purchase the equipment, afford the working space and time, and supporting a wider distribution of the art projects.

Flor de Miel Media produces the inclusive stories and perspectives that strengthen democracy and our country as a whole.


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