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The “Sweet Entertainment’ Blog engages topics arising from the creative work of Flor de Miel Media media with news about inspiring artists, artivists and creatively inspired people in the United States and around the globe.

View samples from past projects and work-in-progress postings by clicking Portfolio.

Images on this site, or any of Catherine Herrera’s artwork can be ordered online in out Fine Art Gallery.

Flor de Miel Media – ‘Sweet Entertainment‘ is a content creator of documentaries, short and feature films, creative installations and photography designed on commission and assignment for distribution across media platforms.

Located in San Francisco, California, Flor de Miel Media’s offers quality media services to clients local and beyond, providing each with  individualized, broadcast-quality, professional media from conception through distribution, tailoring production to specific parameters of each assignment, whether here or where ever the story winds.

Flor de Miel Media is also an original content producer of media from Director Catherine Herrera. Read below to learn more about Catherine Herrera’s creative art and film, and visit her Portfolio to view current photography, art and films.

Over the last 20 years, Flor de Miel Media has created installations, short films and documentaries, and exhibit-specific media addressing important topics of our time.

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Director Catherine Herrera

Catherine Herrera began her creative career in photojournalism. Visit the Portfolio to see current photojournalism and art produced by her, and, to purchase unique, quality art and photography prints, products and licensing rights.

In March 2017, Catherine Herrera screened the 3-screen installation ‘Bridge Walkers: Sacred Sites in San Francisco and Bay Area,’ at San Francisco History Days at The Mint. She is currently working in post-production on completing the short documentary by the same name for submission to television and festivals.

In 2012, Catherine Herrera completed a commission for the de Young Museum in San Francisco. For the commission, she created the 3-screen installation, ‘Bridge Walkers: Sacred Sites in San Francisco and Beyond,’

Catherine Herrera’s films and installations have exhibited in the United States and Mexico.

Catherine started her first documentary on a borrowed video camera, spending months in El Paso, Texas documenting a community of ‘signers,’ women who stood signing to their loved ones at windows behind bars at the County Jail.

‘Alphabet People’ (1993) went on to win documentary festivals and screened on television.

On a Fulbright to Mexico, Catherine Herrera began working for U.S., Canadian and Mexican newspapers and magazines as a photojournalist, before landing her first gig as a news associate producer.

Identified as an emerging filmmaker, Catherine was given night access to a professional editing suite and on a shoestring budget, directed ‘From the Same Family: An Intimate View of Globalization,’ (2000), and, ‘Transition, Mexican Democracy,’ (2006).

Her professional film credits also include Associate Producer, ‘California: Beyond the Dream’ to Director Emiko Omori and Jed Riffe.

Learn more about Catherine Herrera’s professional and Screening and Exhibit History.

‘As an artist, ideas are fluid, experiences flow in and out, that quest for growth and learning never-ending. So, if, by chance, you agree or don’t, please know that I am someone seeking to live in authentic inquiry, a ‘Work in Progress’ – rather than one article defining me, stop by often to join in the exploration, discovery and quest to create entertaining, enlightening, and empowering art and media.


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