Happiness as Business Model

I’ve written before about how I experienced business school, which, outside of the Entrepreneur Program, pretty much felt foreign, and I, but an alien inside. Yet, I didn’t understand why. I love business, how it brings together people, regardless of anything, for a good product. A need fulfilled. Some people might say I am anti-capitalist because I think our world has suffered by a balance sheet that doesn’t take into account so many aspects of life not measured in dollars. Not measured, not that it can’t be measured. As a young woman listening to my grandfather and great grandfather talk … Continue reading Happiness as Business Model

Water: Will Prayer Fix the Gusher?

Water: Will Prayer Fix the Gusher? An interesting debate erupted this week with the statement by Janeane Garofalo about using prayer to fix the gusher. She said calling for prayer as a solution to the Gulf of Mexico was anti-intellectual. Rather than a rant on her, for as I understand it, she meant if prayer were our only approach – which I agree makes sense – I want to explore the question: Can Prayer Heal the Gulf? This question about technology and science vs. prayer is one raising an interesting, albeit, tired debate. Man vs. Nature is not a new … Continue reading Water: Will Prayer Fix the Gusher?

America Healing!

Healing is so powerful because it has the possibility to turn everything around. America Healing is an initiative by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation that seeks to do just that – heal racial inequity in America for the next generation. Over 5 years, the Kellogg Foundation will invest $75 million dollars in healing. The focus of the initiative is breaking down the barriers of poverty and structural racism by building up programs that support healing and recovery – moving on. The Kellogg foundation is known for its foresight and commitment to fostering lasting change. In a time of such economic and … Continue reading America Healing!


As the summer is but a glimpse in the last of the summer fog, so begins the look ahead to Fall. Editing is moving along, I am making do with this current status of recovery from a nerve injury to sort through material shot, pulling together some short stories in video and photos. I am excited to make good use of the journalism training I had last Spring with Poynter University by focusing on exploring the world close at hand. I have a new multimedia series I am developing for launch in October, creating some of my first online multimedia … Continue reading Tidbits


Thank you for all those who return and view the Sweet Entertainment blog. I hope this summer is good to you. I have been on a hiatus for the last several weeks, a moment of recalibration. In some traditions, there is a day in the year called the “day outside of time” – I have remembered this well, because my birthday falls on the day after – a fact that has been interpreted to me as the Head of the Serpent, the first day of the coiling snake that is the number count of days making up year in the … Continue reading Haitus

Fuel – What power will we choose? Check out the Film

I read critics of the recent Climate Change bill balk at  the unfairness of the Democrats adding 300 pages in amendments to the 1000-plus page original bill. Naturally, that this type of process is practiced by both parties is cause for concern that sparks questions as to how much one can properly digest in one day, day after day, year after year, and really comprehend entirely the legislation before them. Yet, really, how many more ice caps have to melt for us to finally move ahead, and stop pretending that, by pretending climate change doesn’t exist, it won’t. I don’t … Continue reading Fuel – What power will we choose? Check out the Film

To the Star who Popped Love Back in Place

I grew up in Brentwood, California. How I ended up there, and my life in L.A. is another story. I did live there long enough to have developed a huge aversion to acting like stars mattered in the oggly, goggly way. After all, had I chosen to adopt that stance as a kid growing up and living there so many years, I never would have lasted the daily star sightings, and eventual meeting, of actors and famous people. In fact, former President Reagan’s motorcades up and down Sunset Boulevard on his way back and forth to the White House via … Continue reading To the Star who Popped Love Back in Place