Happy Year of Hope! 2009

What a pleasure it is to start this New Year on new ground. It really hit me on Saturday, watching President Elect Obama ride the train to Washington, this is happening. I thought about all the people, like me, who have placed so much hope in our new president. I believe these wishes and prayers are the energy we send into our future. So, if and when we feel today or tomorrow that our prayers have not been answered completely, remember that they will be one day in the future. Martin Luther King had a wish for our world – … Continue reading Happy Year of Hope! 2009


It was the summer of 1982. My great grandma and I sat on the bus stop on the corner of Bundy and Sunset. Grandma had her eyes closed, her face raised to the sun, taking in a brief moment of peace, the warmth bringing a rosy blush to her very porcelain cheeks. I thought back to a time when I had sat on this very bus stop, only ten years earlier, a young teenager, in love for the first time. My boyfriend came from a very ‘respectable’ family – as respectability is normally measured. Educated, professional parents, beautiful home and … Continue reading I AM A MUTT

Give a Man, Woman and Child a Home

Give a Man, Woman and Child a Home Take a listen to this powerful rendition by Ben Harper and Blind Boys of Alabama of ‘Give a Man a Home.’ Recently I have been wondering about all the renters, people like me, and how they are fairing in this economic crisis. How many have lost their homes, their base, where did they end up? I notice news reports only speak about home foreclosures. Not to belittle that coverage, I still ask where are the stats on renters? where are those voices? where are these people finding homes now? Why are we … Continue reading Give a Man, Woman and Child a Home

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Flor de Miel Media Launches WP Blog

Flor de Mel Media is launching a new store with a new offering of note and greeting cards featuring unique designs and photographs by Catherine Herrera. Stop by if you have a moment, http://www.cafepress.com/flordemielmedia. I’ll send out an announcement as new designs arrive in stock! If you want to have a private announcement with unique offers, please subscribe at newsletters@flordemielfilms.com. ONLINE Gallery Available! Have a look around the newly updated http://www.photography.flordemielfilms.com to access a gallery of photographs by Catherine Herrera. New Portfolios of Catherine’s photographs spanning from 1989 to the present, including documentary and news photographs from Mexico, are being … Continue reading Flor de Miel Media Launches WP Blog