Flor de Miel Media presents ‘Narco Beauty and La Environmentalista,’ spoken word poem read by Catherine Herrera

I’ve been working behind the scenes on breaking down the ‘Open Doors’ preview – I was quite surprised by the impact the creative process had on me personally, opening doors in ways unexpected. I am grateful to grow and develop, and learn each day. As that work continues, here is a new spoken word poem I wrote this week. This time, I have a recorded reading. I am available for readings of my spoken word poems so reach out by email if you are interested in booking a reading. (assignments@flordemielfilms.com) I am also available to screen ‘Bridge Walkers,’ and talk … Continue reading Flor de Miel Media presents ‘Narco Beauty and La Environmentalista,’ spoken word poem read by Catherine Herrera

Looking towards the Spring…

I have a new series of photographs that I am sharing, its entitled ‘From my Window.’ You can view the slideshow here. I am working on the installation footage, and editing a short video about the residency of Kim Shuck and Michael Horse.  Working with both of them, and now, going over the footage and interviews for ‘Relations,’ I am excited to work hard this Spring to finish interviewing the entire committee. The NAPAC has such an amazing range of community members and artists, I really look forward to speaking with them about how museums and Native communities can develop … Continue reading Looking towards the Spring…

45 Hours to Go!!

Click on the Kickstarter link to the left or visit http://www.witnessthehealing.com to read more about the project, and the fund raising effort that ends in just 45 hours! Receive rewards, help tell a unique story in the diverse history of California. Didn’t get a chance to join? No problem. Receive a tax deductible receipt for your contribution by clicking on the Fractured Atlas link on this site. Drop me a line, let me know in what ways you connect to the story as a contributor to the project, and why you want to be part of helping tell this history … Continue reading 45 Hours to Go!!

Letter of Courage: #9 Lessons

I am still on this journey of healing, more tests, more doctors appointments. Improvements, setbacks, fighting courage, resignation. Acceptance of the present now. Raw foods, nuts berries tofu too, my green tea with honey and apple cider vinegar, and aloe vera every morning. I tell myself I have all the medicine I need. Whatever is available to me, accessible, that is exactly what I need to heal. I do not think of lack, I think of plenty and just right. I meditate. I tap on emotional spots to achieve freedom. I set out to do my morning exercises. I tell … Continue reading Letter of Courage: #9 Lessons

Hummingbird. 1000.

This blue bottle is etched with the rendering of a drawing I made during the time when I was involved in bringing forth the vision for the 1000 Hummingbird Ceremony. In late 2007, early 2008 I began working with a group of women to create what was to become known as the 1000 Hummingbird Ceremony. As life would have it, I was pulled in a different direction. I gave what I could, how I could. One August meeting I was unable to make it down to the park. I was in the process of moving, and my mind felt full … Continue reading Hummingbird. 1000.

Letter of Courage #8 – A series of drawings

I began this series of drawings in 2007, after several years of not drawing or painting, the longest I had gone since I first started. Drawing and painting have been other mediums of expression, walls to bounce off of when video or writing or photography wasn’t quite the medium to capture what I was trying to share. The last year has been such a challenge physically, as the doctors work excruciatingly slow, and sometimes, not at all, to figure out whether an initial diagnosis in October of 2008 of RSD, a rare nerve disease, was correct. The process has been … Continue reading Letter of Courage #8 – A series of drawings