‘Peace on Earth, 2013’ Fundraising Gift and Greeting Card Offer

(orders for ‘Peace on Earth’ gift cards, and prints of ‘Winter Blossoms,’ 2013 photo without text found by visiting the links. Profits from all sales of prints and products between October 29-December 29, 2013 will go towards the development of the ‘Open Doors’ project.) Hard to believe its been a year since first offering the work-in-progress of ‘Open Doors’ at Audible Observatory last November in San Francisco, as part of the Annual Anthropology Conference. Last Saturday, I was on a panel about Bay Area Sacred Sites important to the Ohlone and other local California tribes. I had the opportunity to … Continue reading ‘Peace on Earth, 2013’ Fundraising Gift and Greeting Card Offer

Flor de Miel Media presents ‘Narco Beauty and La Environmentalista,’ spoken word poem read by Catherine Herrera

I’ve been working behind the scenes on breaking down the ‘Open Doors’ preview – I was quite surprised by the impact the creative process had on me personally, opening doors in ways unexpected. I am grateful to grow and develop, and learn each day. As that work continues, here is a new spoken word poem I wrote this week. This time, I have a recorded reading. I am available for readings of my spoken word poems so reach out by email if you are interested in booking a reading. (assignments@flordemielfilms.com) I am also available to screen ‘Bridge Walkers,’ and talk … Continue reading Flor de Miel Media presents ‘Narco Beauty and La Environmentalista,’ spoken word poem read by Catherine Herrera

Bridge Walkers – de Young Museum September 07, 2012 6-8 p.m.

— FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE —                           Contact: Catherine Herrera,  415-202-5204, catherine@flordemielfilms.com BRIDGE WALKERS – INSTALLATION/DOCUMENTARY EXPLORES THE IMPORTANCE OF SACRED SITES IN THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA AND BEYOND – Worldwide Release – Filmmaker and photographer Catherine Herrera has completed a multi-year project with the culmination of a three-screen video installation and documentary Bridge Walkers showing at the de Young Museum on September 07, 2012 from 6-8 p.m. In 1907, Nels Nelson discovered and plotted on a map over 400 Ohlone Sacred Sites in the San Francisco Bay Area. So large were some of the Shellmound and Sacred Sites of the … Continue reading Bridge Walkers – de Young Museum September 07, 2012 6-8 p.m.

Exciting Fall New Screenings and Publications!

I recently returned from a screening of Bridge Walkers documentary which shares the history and importance of Sacred Sites to the Ohlone people of the Bay Area. It was a spectacular day! Warm and sunny, the largest gathering of Ohlone people in Northern California, is a wonderful opportunity to see dear friends, and, in the case of the screening, to finally share Bridge Walkers with elders, the community, and particularly, those who are in the film! The Bridge Walkers documentary grew out of the WIP Bridge Walkers Installation shown at the de Young Museum Cultural Encounters as part of the … Continue reading Exciting Fall New Screenings and Publications!

Haste makes…double blog posts!

Well, in my haste this week, I posted the follow-up image in the sage series to http://www.catherineherreraphotography.com and not as I had thought, here, on this site. I had promised to post this photo a while back. I needed a second to sit with the group of images, and found there was only one that really grabbed me. I know I have to come back to this, I know this series, what I’ve shown so far, fragments. I apologize, and admit up front, I am just sharing while this project moves forward. I am going to sign off now. I … Continue reading Haste makes…double blog posts!

Looking towards the Spring…

I have a new series of photographs that I am sharing, its entitled ‘From my Window.’ You can view the slideshow here. I am working on the installation footage, and editing a short video about the residency of Kim Shuck and Michael Horse.  Working with both of them, and now, going over the footage and interviews for ‘Relations,’ I am excited to work hard this Spring to finish interviewing the entire committee. The NAPAC has such an amazing range of community members and artists, I really look forward to speaking with them about how museums and Native communities can develop … Continue reading Looking towards the Spring…