Best Dang Music I’ve Heard in a While – Breathe

You know how there are those moments when some one reaches out and you reach back, and life takes you somewhere you never expected.
Shout out to Ras K’dee and Richard Casteneda for the invite to the SNAG release party on Friday.

I watched a two-year old carried by ancient spirit dancing beats on the earth to remind Mother the generation is here to carry us forward, those little feet stronger than my own that have walked this earth now for awhile. Instead of being ashamed, I give over to the spirit carried in those two little feet and walk behind in the tiny footprints that tell me where to walk next.

Thank you for reminding me hope is everywhere.

On my way out of the event, I met a musician and a spoken word artist traveling together on the West Coast sharing their creative spirit of song and verse.

Today I sat down and put on Alex Schien’s Speed of Light CD and went to his website. There I heard the two singles, Rise Up and Breathe. In addition to recording and performing, this musician with a degree in Philosphy shares his vision and talent with Youth through Educational events.

Check out his music videos. Hope you enjoy.

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