Flor de Miel Media presents ‘Narco Beauty and La Environmentalista,’ spoken word poem read by Catherine Herrera

I’ve been working behind the scenes on breaking down the ‘Open Doors’ preview – I was quite surprised by the impact the creative process had on me personally, opening doors in ways unexpected. I am grateful to grow and develop, and learn each day. As that work continues, here is a new spoken word poem I wrote this week. This time, I have a recorded reading. I am available for readings of my spoken word poems so reach out by email if you are interested in booking a reading. (assignments@flordemielfilms.com) I am also available to screen ‘Bridge Walkers,’ and talk … Continue reading Flor de Miel Media presents ‘Narco Beauty and La Environmentalista,’ spoken word poem read by Catherine Herrera

Bridge Walkers – de Young Museum September 07, 2012 6-8 p.m.

— FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE —                           Contact: Catherine Herrera,  415-202-5204, catherine@flordemielfilms.com BRIDGE WALKERS – INSTALLATION/DOCUMENTARY EXPLORES THE IMPORTANCE OF SACRED SITES IN THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA AND BEYOND – Worldwide Release – Filmmaker and photographer Catherine Herrera has completed a multi-year project with the culmination of a three-screen video installation and documentary Bridge Walkers showing at the de Young Museum on September 07, 2012 from 6-8 p.m. In 1907, Nels Nelson discovered and plotted on a map over 400 Ohlone Sacred Sites in the San Francisco Bay Area. So large were some of the Shellmound and Sacred Sites of the … Continue reading Bridge Walkers – de Young Museum September 07, 2012 6-8 p.m.

Glorious 2012

There is so much talk about 2012. 2012 has long been on my mind. Well, since about 1999, to be exact. I had a wonderful opportunity to learn about the Mayan calendar and met practitioners who shared the philosophy and history, and attempted to help me delve into a way of seeing the world that I had not known before. I stumbled around, and more learning, and over time, I came to better understand, again from those learned masters who had dedicated their lives, generations of their families, to understanding the cosmology of the Mayan people. Recently, I learned from … Continue reading Glorious 2012

Bridge Walking

Today I will be tweeting as part of the day of honoring on Alcatraz this morning. Unable to be there in person, I have been invited to join the Columbus Day Occupy to share the history and importance of Sacred Sites to the Ohlone. Its my honor to share this 10 min. version of the Bridge Walkers Documentary. Please contact me for screening requests for the full length 19 min documentary. And, thank you for walking across bridges so that we may find common ground. This short documentary shares the history and cultural importance today of Sacred Shellmounds to the … Continue reading Bridge Walking

Ohlone Sacred Sites – Walking Bridges

On March 11, 2011, I presented a four part, interactive video installation at the de Young Museum. Technical issues with my DVD burner, on top of the tragic news in Japan, all moved me deeply that day. In fact, I doubt I had ever been so nervous. Today, I feel very calm and hopeful. I was taught that when I add a shell to a necklace I am making, whether for myself or someone else, it is a prayer. Ever since my work began with the de Young, having the opportunity and space to work over time, slowly depending on … Continue reading Ohlone Sacred Sites – Walking Bridges